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Boolean Trader ChangeLog


  • Visual C++ 2015 redistributable included
  • Updated Boolean Trader add-ins
  • Reversed the order in which candle data is posted (oldest on top now)
  • Fixed a problem where number of candles was not immediately changed after modifying the function call
  • Adding Account/Market info data from ribbon now inserts a table similar to the ones for candles and orders
  • Fixed a subtle bug where after modifying an order's volume, wrong value could be displayed in the volume cell


  • .NET Framework 4.6 is now required
  • Setup will run .NET framework installation if necessary


  • Windows 7 fix activation
  • Editor allows double quotes
  • Editor forbids names with “-”
  • Indicators support Excel 2010
  • Editor removes only the first “=” in a formula


  • Rolledback changes to MT4 EA files
  • Custom scripts were not running on Upgrade mode
  • EA library renamed to BooleanTrader.ex4