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The Close Order function closes an order. This function will execute immediately if not inside a condition.



Identifies the Expert Advisor which has to perform the trade.

The ticket number of your open order.

How many lots to close. Minimum is 0.01 lot. Maximum is the size of the order.

Price at which to close the order. If price is set to 0, then the order will be closed at market price on the tick.

Allowed difference (in pips not points) between requested price and market price when executing the order. In other words this is saying if we say 3 pips slippage you accept to open an order anywhere between 3 pips above or below the price and 0 or no input mean you won't accept anything but the exact price. This is not required and can be empty.


Ready. Start Trading to place request
Awaiting start for execution.
Function executed.

Example Calculations

eaid ticket volume price slippage RESULT
"tester" 43 0 0 3 It will fully close the order with ticket number 43 and allow for 3 pips slippage.
"tester" 1 0.5 0 0 It will partially close the order at 0.5 lot with ticket number 1 at exact market price.
"tester" 434 0.01 0 1 It will partially close the order at 0.01 lot with ticket number 434 and allow for 1 pip slippage.
"tester" 54 0 0 0 It will fully close the order with ticket number 54 at exact market price.