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What is Boolean Trader?

Boolean Trader is an innovative solution to implementing automated trading systems through connecting MetaTrader 4 and Microsoft Excel.

How do I subscribe to Boolean Trader?

Through Patreon you have immediate access to Boolean Trader and can join our discord to gain access to our support channels as well as our ongoing new and groundbreaking innovations:


How do I get Boolean Trader?

See Boolean Trader website!

If you've got questions, ask us on Discord.

How can I run Boolean Trader with Mac OS?

Bootcamp Assistant enables you to install and operate Windows applications.

An alternative solution is accessing through a Windows Virtual Machine.

What should I know before using Boolean Trader

While our team may assist all subscribers, it is advised that speculators have a general understanding of basic forex knowledge and risk management to make the most of Boolean Trader’s capabilities.

Refer to: https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex

Where can I learn about using Boolean Trader?

Our discord has a welcoming team who provide constant updates to Boolean Trader’s functionality with tutorials and designated support channels.

See below to gain an introductory insight into the platform:


Can I use Boolean Trader in Forex Banned Countries?

Many local brokers in countries like India and Malaysia allow for trading in their relative fiat currency. Subscribers are responsible for finding these brokers with MT4 integration themselves.

How can I use the function editor to improve my trading?

A complex function to open or close trades will be long, as such the function editor makes You can copy it and risk making errors OR use function editor to store it there.

What is EA ID?

EA ID identifies the Expert Advisor in MT4. Thanks to EA ID you can test multiple strategies simultaneously. EA ID page contains a detailed explanation.

What are the benefits to this over Expert Advisors?

Boolean Trader allows for automated trading without any prior programming knowledge; your own unique strategies can easily be updated and optimised at a comprehensive level. While the more advanced expert advisors are priced in thousand dollar range, Boolean Trader ensures a more flexible and personal platform for $30 a month.

Is it possible to request new features?

The Order responsible for developing Boolean Trader are a responsive and community-driven team; we are always evaluating through feedback and embrace input for improvement. New features can be requested and discussed at anytime.