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Installing Boolean Trader

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit or newer
  • Excel 2010 64-bit or newer
  • MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 5 WILL NOT work)

For Office 2016 and older, the installer installs the 32-bit version by default.
Office 2019 and newer versions default to installing 64-bit versions.
Mac and *nix users, please use Boot Camp or virtualization software.

Get Boolean Trader

Download the latest version of Boolean Trader here.
Please refer to the ChangeLog for version information.

Run the Installation Wizard

Installation is quick and easy, just download the installer and run it.
You're a wizard, Harry.
If you have any problems, read the troubleshooting section and then contact our Template:Support channel on Discord.

Windows SmartScreen Message

If you encounter this screen, click ‘More info’, and then ‘Run anyway’.

Click next and proceed with the installation.

Once Redis installation pops up, continue with that too. Default settings for Redis are fine.
Note that if Redis is already installed on your system, you won't get the Redis installation prompt.

Once the installer has finished, open Excel to complete setup.


If Boolean Trader has installed properly, there should be a new ribbon on the right. BT requires an active subscription, so we’ll need to hit Activate to get it full up and running.

After hitting Activate your default browser will open and you’ll need to type in your Discord credentials to gain access to all features of BT. Click Authorize to finish activation.

Connecting Boolean Trader and MetaTrader 4

1. In MetaTrader 4 go to Tools → Options → Expert Advisors and enable the following boxes.

2. Go to View → Strategy Tester and make sure the following options are set

3. Next, go to Expert Advisor → Inputs and change the ID to your liking

4. Finally, press Start and return to Excel.

Configuring Boolean Trader

EA ID and Pair should be the same ones entered into MT4

If you select a candle and data shows up, congratulations! You've successfully installed Boolean Trader!


Please read through this page first before submitting any questions.